....With a gpa of 3.1 at a community
college, I thought the best I could do is
transfer to a state college, EduExcel
showed me how other elements and
experiences in my life make me a good
transfer candidate. With the guidance
received from dedicated counselors at
EduExcel, I am a student at UC
Berkeley.     (Robert D)

Good People exist in this world, I never thought my son and
daughter would ever go to college. Th
is program at their high
school is the reason both my kids are in college, and they did
not charge me a dime. God bless them.  (Leticia G)

I thought being an Associate Professor in a common wealth
country, I knew all that is to know about applying to a graduate
school.  If it wasn't for EduExcel, I would not be a fully funded  
Scholar today at one of America's top research universities.
Thank you! EduExcel.   (Client privacy requested.)

En route  to Hastings College of the
Law. EduExcel made the difference!
Michael S.

My parents hired EduExcel to help me get
through the senior year at my high school and
hep me with my applications to college. They
were such a huge help!
Rebecca C.
EduExcel identified and helped me with
financial resources for a two year
Scholarship at Warwick and a PhD
program at McGill. I did not have to
pay a single penny out of my pocket
for my entire graduate school.
Faiza A.
Their tutorial program helped me increase my
GPA one full point at Diablo Valley College.
Elijah H.
Worth Connecting!

From a UPS driver to a Computer
Programmer! You rock man!
Phil A
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9 Acceptance!!!
Sonali A